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Video Poker Rules and Togel Hongkong 


Video Poker is a machine-type game where the user plays to obtain a top payout hand. There are two varieties…straight and progressive. Users deposit anywhere from 1 to 5 coins, on most machines, with the payout being proportional to the amount of coins played (except for the Royal Flush or top hand which we’ll go into later). The object of Video Poker is to obtain payout hands, which model hands from real poker, such as the Royal Flush or Full House, for example. Machines are draw poker type where after you obtain your initial 5 card hand you decide what cards to discard to form your final hand. There are many different types of video Togel Hongkong poker machines offering many varieties of winning payout hands.


Playing The Game

To play Video Poker, you insert 1 to as many as the max number of coins that the machine allows. Most machines allow a maximum of 5 coins, however, some only allow 4 coins as the maximum play. For strategy reasons, it is always best to play the maximum number of coins because the highest payout hand, a Royal Flush, for example, offers a higher proportional payout when the maximum number of coins are played. For example, on most Jacks Or Better Video Poker machines, the Royal Flush pays at a ratio of 250 to 1 with 1 coin played, but with 5 coins played, it pays at a ratio of 800 to 1.


Once you have deposited your coins, your 5 card poker hand comes up. You must then decide, depending upon on what type of Video Poker machine you are playing, what the best cards are for you to hold onto. When playing on-line poker, you do this by clicking on the “hold” button beside each card, and then usually the word “held” is marked somewhere beside the card. There is then a button usually marked “draw/deal” which signifies that you are done and ready to receive new cards for those not held. Depending on what your final hand is and what hands are considered to be “winning” Video Poker hands, you may have won! Most Video Poker machines have a convenient auto hold feature which marks cards as held, if they form a winning hand initially. Another convenient feature on many on-line Video Poker machines is a “max bet” button where you simply hit it everytime to play the max number of coins you have selected.


Some video poker machines offer a progressive. This works similar to a slot machine progressive where for the top payout, a Royal Flush, for example, will payout to whatever the progressive is built up to as opposed to a set amount ,such as 4000.


Some of the most common video poker varieties are: Jacks Or Better Video Poker, Deuces Wild Video Poker, Joker Poker, and Deuces and Joker Wild. The payouts for some of the more common Video Poker machines are show below. The payouts are show for both 1 coin played and max coins played.