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The best films of 2013

‘Before Midnight‘ had to be THE most anticipated movie of the year, at least for fans of the previous two instalments. Released in the height of summer (21st June), ‘Before Midnight’ is co-written by director Richard Linklater as well as the two stars, and they obviously all contribute some honest views on where their lives currently stand, often painfully so. Children, responsibility, ambition, and regret are just some of the mid-life concerns brought up, and it’s spooky how often characters say things that you swear you’ve said or thought yourself.

Superbly acted by Hawke and Delpy, the ‘Before’ movies (there will surely be more) have become the ‘7-Up’s of modern cinema.

Like the Vienna and Paris-set movies before it, ‘Before Midnight’ resembles a glorious tourist video for Greece at times, which kind of gives me an idea for consecutive fan-based holidays in the cities.

Sometimes a decade between such amazing movies can feel criminally long, but I think that’s part of what makes them so special, and gives the series the potential to live on into the characters’ later years. Roll on 2023!