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Slot Gacor Hari Ini

The Sands Casino is one of the casino leaders in good-looking, smooth-working gambling software. The selection of games, the graphics, sound effects during play, crowd noises, comp programs, and customer service are superb. They offer an unusually wide selection of games. Highlights of their version 4.0 are new and enhanced single and multi-player games (Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette) including bonus rounds and progressive games, an interactive casino floor populated with ‘real’ players, table and seat selection, customizable player avatars, simpler registration and enhanced download capabilities, gaming and e-cash tutorials and advanced online purchasing capabilities. Fast, attractive and user-configurable multi-media is the heart of the system. There is a side-bar that includes a “Who’s Playing” list, a live-chat channel and a real-time news/stocks feed. Their E-Cash Services is famous for quick payouts, once you’ve completed all the necessary forms. We’ve never heard of anyone who has played at The Sands Casino and felt being cheated. They make a lot of information about their operation available, a sign that they are taking things seriously.


Comp Program: The “Comp Club”, depending upon the game you play, is awarding points for each dollar bet. At Video Poker, it’s 1 point for each $10 of play, and a total of 100 points gets cash of $1 back. That equates to a 0.1% cash back. If you play Roulette, it’s tripled, as are slots. Every Wednesday you get double point.


The games here offer little incentive to play due to under-average payouts. Also, a player must wait to receive a ‘Personal Identification Number’ via mail before being allowed to make any withdrawals. “It’s to protect the player” they argue, but it actually keeps the players’ $$$ tied up for a longer time only to protect the casino. Some computers sill have a hard time with this software. There is a $1.00 charge on checks. Large Install File. The dealers in the games Slot Gacor Hari Ini are very quick off the mark when getting you to bet again after you have lost, which is a little rude.

Financial Information

The Sands Casino uses E-Cash Services, Inc. as the third-party administrator for credit card purchases. This system has processed US $4 billion of transactions since 1996 without a single instance of fraud. As part of The Sands Casino’s continuing commitment to safe and responsible gaming, the company has integrated new personal options and security features into version 4.0: Players can impose deposit and bet limits on themselves, place a temporary lock on their accounts and track their gaming activity and e-cash transactions online in real-time. Payouts are audited by PWC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers).

Deposits: Visa or Master credit cards and debit cards with Visa or Master card connection. Also accept International Bank Check, International Money Order, Wire Transfer, eCash, Western Union Quick Pay. The min. deposit is $. The max. deposit is $2,500 per week for first 90 days; $3,000 per week after 90 days; $3,500 per week after 1 year.

Withdrawals: First they credit back to your credit card the amount you originally deposited. The rest of your money will be sent by check. There is a $1.00 charge on checks.


Runs on Windows only and a download is required at just over 13 MB for the basic casino. You download a ‘light’ version (3.5MB) first which offers only Blackjack, then others may be added later with their easy to handle Upgrade-Assistant. A CD-ROM is available and highly recommended.  They offer a “User Information System” backup that will save your settings on a floppy disk. This is a great idea, as you’re covered in case of a disk crash or other disaster. The Sands Casino was developed by Cryptologic (see Cryptologic Review).


The Sands Casino is operating under a gaming license granted by the government of Antigua & Barbuda. Established, licensed, and fully functional since 10/19/1996. So they are more than 5 years in business now and one of the oldest online casinos. To have a license means that The Sands Casino is able to yearly deposit enough money (approximately US $50,000 up to US $100,000 per annum), pay the taxes (of about 2,5% up to 5%), and hence is subject to the control of the government of the Antigua & Barbuda.


Inter does stand out when it comes to customer service. A comprehensive FAQ is available on their website. The people you converse with are intelligent and ready to help.

email: support@carsands.com

Tel: +800-2-872-2238 (toll free)



Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoIn baccarat the best bet is always on the banker and the fewer the decks the better the banker bet is. The Sands Casino uses eight decks, so the casino’s edge on a banker bet is 1.06% and 1.24% on a player bet. There are other casinos using six or even one deck only, which on the one hand lowers the house edge to 1.01% on a banker bet, but on the other hand increases the house edge on a player bet up to 1.29%. These differences in percentage do not seem large, but they do have a considerable impact on play in real life. Dealt and played using “standard” rules, a winning Banker bet is charged a 5% commission though. Ties Baccarat

pay 8:1 so the casino’s advantage is 14.11% on ties. Again, many other casinos pay you 9:1 on ties, which lowers the house edge to 4.8%. The Sands Casino provides you with a neat, automatic mechanism for tracking of which hand was won by who. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. And since betting limits are considered to be important when playing baccarat, high betting limits are certainly positive. To sum it up it can be said that Inters’ baccarat is rather standard with pretty bad odds for the player but pretty good betting limits for high rollers. Play




Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoSet: Inter uses eight decks which couldn’t be any worse: it makes card counting quite impossible. And to dash any hope the cards are shuffled after every single hand. It is difficult to find an online casino making card counting more easy anyway, but there are some and The Sands Casino certainly does not fall under this category. Most other online casinos use six, four, two or even only one deck. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. The bad point here is that you cannot bet less than $5 on a hand which simply makes your bankroll disappear much faster. The house edge with the rules listed below is 0.49% which we consider lowest standard. Be aware of that you can find much better blackjack games online.

Rules: You can play only one hand at once which is frustrating because somewhere else you Blackjack

probably would be allowed to play up to three, four or even five hands at once. The dealer stands on soft 17 (Ace & 6) which is good and standard. Doubling down is allowed on any first two cards and you even can double down after you split pairs which is better than what land based casinos offer you but standard when it comes to online casinos. You may split pairs to two hands only which really is below average, because many other online casinos allow you to split the cards up to three or four hands. Split Aces receive only one more card. When the dealer’s face-up card is a ten or an Ace he peaks under the face-down card to tell if he has a blackjack. Because there is no insurance or surrender offered all bets are lost if he gets a blackjack which is a little unfair since many  online casinos offer you one of these options if not both. There are better blackjack games online. Play



Caribbean Poker

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThe basic house edge for this game is 5.2% which doesn’t make it look competitive compared to other games. American Roulette has the same house edge though. And what makes this game interesting is the side bet of $1 for which you will receive an additional payoff for certain paying hands (flush or better). There certainly are casinos with much better payoffs for Caribbean Poker but Inters’ payoff for the additional bet is based on a Caribbean Poker

progressive meter which always starts at $50,000. Actually this is a sucker bet when the jackpot is low, but since it gets such high here the house edge decreases and really makes it worth a try. Since the release of their Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker in March of 2001, many jackpots have been hit already, one for over $235,000. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. Play



Hand Payoff Bonus Payoff

Royal Flush 200:1 100% of Jackpot

Straight Flush 50:1 10% of Jackpot

4 of a Kind 20:1 $1,000

Full House 7:1 $100

Flush 5:1 $50

Straight 4:1 4:1

3 of a Kind 3:1 3:1

2 pair 2:1 2:1

1 pair 1:1 1:1






Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThe Sands Casino offers 2x odds: if you bet $10 on the pass-line (bet, that the player will win) with, you can wager $20 behind it (increase your original bet after the dice have been thrown). To wager behind is what a good craps player will do and a criteria of a good craps game is how many odds the casino offers you. As the amount of allowed odds increases, the house advantage decreases considerably. When making the odds bet 1x – as most online casinos do – the house edge is 0.85%. When making the odds bet 2x – as The Sands Casino does – the house edge is cut Craps

down to 0.45% already. But The Sands Casino does not exactly offer the 2x odds the way land based casinos do: 2x usually means that you can bet twice the amount you could win. So if the odds are 2x and you bet $10 on the pass-line, you could win $20 and wager $40 behind it. Because The Sands Casino does not follow the real rules – as almost no online casino does – the basic house edge is 0.58% for pass-line-bets. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. There are better online casinos to play craps at, but The Sands Casino is a good one as well. Play





Casino Review: Inter CasinoThere are 80 balls from which 20 are drawn. You pick up to 10 numbers and try to match. The graphics are very nice. Limits are $0.25 to $5.00 which is standard; other online casinos usually allow you to bet up to $10. The Sands Casino has an average payout of



nearly 75%. This payout ratio is standard for both land-based and online casinos, since they pay back 70% – 75% on average. There are online casinos though paying exceptionally good: up to about 95%. So do not waste your time with this video keno machine. Play






Match 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Payouts

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%

1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 75.00%

2 – 12 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 72.15%

3 – – 43 4 2 1 0.5 0 0 0 73.54%

4 – – – 115 20 4 1.5 0 0.5 0 73.79%

5 – – – – 500 90 20 9 3 2 73.22%

6 – – – – – 1500 360 90 40 20 71.61%

7 – – – – – – 5000 1500 300 140 72.41%

8 – – – – – – – 25000 4000 1000 72.71%

9 – – – – – – – – 37500 4000 71.87%

10 – – – – – – – – – 50000 72.35%




Let it Ride Poker

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThe basic house edge for this game is 3.5%. What makes this game interesting is the side bet of $1 for which you will receive an additional payoff for certain paying hands. Actually this is a sucker bet that should be avoided. The Sands Casino offers a flat pay schedule with a fixed house edge for the side   Let it Ride Poker

bet while many others are based on a progressive meter which causes the house edge to vary. If the jackpot is small, the house edge is huge (sometimes up to 70%). The house edge of Inters Casino’s Let It Ride game stays at 22.61%, so this probably is one of the best Let It Ride Poker games to find at online casinos. Play



Hand Payoff Bonus Payoff

Royal Flush 1000:1 $30,000

Straight Flush 200:1 $3,000

4 of a Kind 50:1 $400

Full House 11:1 $200

Flush 8:1 $50

Straight 5:1 $25

3 of a Kind 3:1 $5

2 pair 2:1

1 pair 1:1





Pai Gow Poker

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoA winning hand is paid even money and a 5% commission is charged. The dealer is always the bank which sets the basic house edge at 2.85%. Actually only a Pai Gow Poker game where the casino alternates the turn of the banker is good; it would set the house edge at 1.46%. It works like this: In the event of an exact match between hands, called a copy, the tie goes to the banker. The probability that the front hands will copy is 2.55%. The Pai Gow Poker

probability that the back hands will copy is 0.32%. When it is your turn to be the banker the house has only an 0.08% edge over you. Because the turn of the banker alternates you end up with the aforesaid 1.46% house edge. Almost every online casino only lets the dealer  bank. So does The Sands Casino. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. Play





Red Dog

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThis is a simple game where the player makes an ‘ante’ (places a wager before the game begins), then two cards are chosen and you may raise your bet if you think a third card will fit in between the first two. In Red Dog the greater the number of decks the better the odds for the player. This is because of the greater probability of drawing a fitting card or Red Dog

a three of a kind, which pays 11:1. Since The Sands Casino uses eight decks while most other online casinos use two or one deck only, the house edge is 2.75% which makes The Sands Casino one of the only casinos worth playing Red Dog at. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. Play





American Roulette

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThis is a double-zero wheel which sets the casino’s basic edge at 5.3%, which actually is too high to play here. But the casino uses the ‘la partage’ rule: the player loses only half the bet on the ‘outside’ bets should one of the zeros come up (the ‘outside’ bets are high, low; red, black; odd and even). Also called the ‘en prison’ rule. By losing only half the bet, the casino’s edge on those bets is cut down to 2.63%, which is slightly better than the basic 2.7% European roulette house edge. To sum it up the house advantage is 2.63% on outside bets which make it really worth playing here if you are an outside better only, but 5.26% on all the other bets. So, avoid the inside bets and especially the five-number bet here. Play European Roulette

Casino Reviews: Inter CasinoThis is a single-zero wheel which sets the casino’s basic edge at 2.7%. The ‘la partage’ rule does not apply, so the casino stays at 2.7% house edge. If you are an outside bettor, who likes to bet on high, low, red, black, odd or even only, you should play the American roulette version since it offers slightly better odds for those bets. But if you prefer to bet on one of the inside bets once in a while, you should stick to the European roulette, since the house edge is 2.7% on all bets here. The default table limits are set to $5-$300. You can change the table limits once you have received your PIN via mail. If you would like to bet higher, go to Global-Player Casino. There you can bet up to $6,000.





Slots Review: Inter CasinoIt is difficult to calculate the payout probabilities of slot machines without knowing how many times a certain symbol appears on each real. You could sit in front of the machine, pull the lever 10,000 times and write the results down or rely on the information that The Sands Casino gives you. They say that their slots payout percentage is about 97% which is   Slots

good amongst online casinos. So we would advise you to try your luck here. Another reason for playing here is that their jackpots get big at the Rags to Riches slot machine. The jackpot starts at $50,000. There are ten slot machines available. Two of which are progressives. The betting denominations are $0.25, $1, $2, or $5. Play


Name Reels

/Lines Winning

Comb. Wild

Symb. Bonus


Prize Play

Rags to Riches 3/1 8 No No starts at $50,000 Play

Safe Cracker 3/1 8 No No $20,000 Play

Galactic Odyssey 3/1 8 No No $10,000 Play

Triple Olives 3/3 9 No No starts at $1,500 Play

Sphinx Hijinx 3/1 7 No No $3,000 Play

Lucky 7’s 3/1 8 No No $2,400 Play

Storm the Castle 3/1 9 No No $1,200 Play

High Noon 3/1 10 No No $800 Play

Flower Power 3/1 8 Yes No $1,000 Play

Forbidden Fruit 3/1 8 No No $1,000 Play

Flower Power 3/1 8 Yes No $1,000 Play



Video Poker

The Sands Casino features a set of seven different video poker machines, all offering a very good payout. Additionally they offer 0.1% cash back on video poker which is not calculated in the payout table yet. The Super Jackpot video machine is progressive and its payout for a Royal Flush starts to grow Video Poker

from 250:1 to better payout ratios. This machine has a payout of 98% when the jackpot reached a payout of 1100:1. It is 99% when the jackpot is 1500:1. The coin denominations you wish to play are $0.25, $1, $2, or $5. Overall, Video Poker seems to be Inters’ best game and even one of the best among all other online and land-based casinos. Play



Name Type Max.Coins Min.Coins Play

Double Bonus   8/5 99.9% 98.5% Play

Jacks or Better    9/6 98.3% 97.1% Play

All American    8/8 98.1% 97.0% Play

Deuces Wild    4/3 98.0% 96.8% Play

Tens or Better    6/5 98.0% 96.6% Play

Joker Poker    8/5 98.0% 96.8% Play

Super Jackpot    8/5 96.0% 95.1% Play



Video Slots

Slots Review: Inter CasinoJust the same as their regular slot games, but more fun, more probability, more reels, more pay-lines, more winning combinations and more payout. Being a five reel game there are many winning combinations but also you will find that the symbols pay in any position on a pay line. For example if you hit “A-B-A-C-A” you will be paid for 3 “A”   Video Slots

symbols; this is a great help in getting more winners. Every Video Slot machine has a bonus feature as well. For example if a map lands anywhere on the screen you are transported to the treasure themed bonus round where you can win additional coins. The coin denominations you wish to play are $0.25, $1, $2, or $5.