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Irish Open Togel Singapore Festivities Head to an End

Togel Singapore


It’s the final day of Irish Open poker festivities here at the Burlington. Five players are in the pursuit of the Main Event Champion Title and the first prize of €420,000: Thomas Beer with 2,650,000 chips, Ian Simpson, David Dean, Kevin Vandersmissen and Steve Watts. Meanwhile cash tables and side events are still running.


Although our Titan Togel Singapore qualifiers did not cash in the Main Event, two of them finished in the money in the side events. Dan Murariu from Romania was 16th in the €500 6-handed Hold’em for €950 and another Titan Poker qualifier, Stefan Kolossow from Germany, was 2nd for €13,200.

Robin van den Heuvel, who eliminated Team Titan Pro Marvin Rettenmaier during Day 1 of the Main Event, and Leon Piso – the last surviving Titan player, gave some comments on their Irish Open 2012 experience:

  1. How did you find the field at the Irish Open – were there any particularly tough opponents or spots you can tell us about?

Robin: The field of the Irish Open is all you need in a big event. There are a lot of well known pros and qualifiers. The variety of players makes it a tournament you really want to play. At my last table a well known player sat to my right “Andy Black” (he eventually finished in 5th place taking €32,700). It was very fun to sit on his table, because he was very present. Talking all the time, joking a lot and playing fast and freely. With his behavior he not only cheered up the table but was clearly fishing for information during his talk. As a short stack on that table I could survive longer,  because he was playing many hands and re-stealing was more easy on him.

Leon: I found the level of the players in the tournament not that good during Day 1 but as the tournament progressed there were only very good players left.

  1. Were you happy with the structure?

Robin: The structure is very good in this tournament. The deep-stacked structure and the antes/blind levels are very well selected and makes it attractive to play. I think it is one of the reasons a lot of poker pros are playing this tournament.

Leon: The structure was great.

  1. Are there any particular hands you played that you would like to share with us?

Robin: Well there was one hand at the last table I sat, I expected to go bust. I got it all in preflop against a guy with AQ vs AK, the flop came Ace high and 3 diamonds, we both didn’t have any diamonds. The turn was a diamond and luckily the river was the queen of diamonds and we split the pot. I was happy to be still in the tourney, but I really didn’t mind a flip here or to just win the hand, because I knew I had to double up and would otherwise be in trouble and short when I couldn’t find any playable hands or spots before the blinds go up.

Leon: I didn’t play that many big pots so there weren’t a lot of interesting hands. There was a guy named Andersson who played very well. I had pocket Aces twice against him but misplayed them by calling his 3-bet instead of raising.

  1. What was your strategy going into Day 2?

Robin: I was on 2k below starting stack to start Day 2 with (starting stack was 20,000). In this tournament that is not a real problem. I just was going to play my game starting Day 2, but realized I shouldn’t lose big unnecessary pots early in the day. My tables were breaking up a lot, so on every table I had to get used to the table flow. At least I have seen the whole  card room changing seats 😉

Leon: Strategy for Day 2 was just to play solid and aggressive but it didn’t work. While I was the most active player during Day 1, I couldn’t play that way the 2nd day. I busted with pocket sevens against pocket kings. Andy Black opened, I shoved all in with sevens (I was short) and the guy left to me woke up with kings.

  1. Did you play any side games and if not – why?

Robin: I didn’t play any side events, because in the beginning my focus was on the main event. Side events had worse structures. I don’t know if it is good idea to go from the very good main structure to the turbo kind of tournaments. The only other I was interested in was the 1k event, a 2-day event. Could have played that, but decided to enjoy Dublin instead.

Leon: I didn’t play any side events because I was enjoying the city with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a long time.

  1. How would you rate your overall experience at this tournament?

Robin: I would rate my overall experience in this tourney as an 8+. I have had a great time here. The tournament was well organized, there was a lot to do outside the tournament (there was a beer pong competition, free drinks for everyone wearing the free green knickers and a mini golf tournament), very entertaining and a lot of well known pros were present here. It would have been complete going deep in the money here.