Build Killer Capture Page to Generate Network Marketing Leads with Playable Ads


The heart of your Internet Multi level Marketing dreams and key to growing your subscriber base are your capture pages. These pages are your first impression. Since online network marketing lead generation is at its heart a about numbers, you must maximize your website traffic and the conversion of traffic into email list subscriptions. The key to this is having a compelling capture page.


The best capture pages that produce the most online network marketing leads typically offer a preview, sneak peak or trial version of the product or service you are marketing. Very few people will convert without some type of free offer or reason for entering their information. Your incentive of a free offer, web seminar, e-book or trial version of a paid software is what will make the visitor willing to give up their personal information. Basically you’re getting permission to market to them further in exchange for letting them access to more comprehensive information.


The lead generation pages are structured in the form of a very short sales message promoting your product or service’s unique value propositions. The content should state very concisely and succinctly what the benefits are to the customer and must be easy to digest. You must always write the text with the audience in mind. Also, the content must be relevant to the keywords and messages you placed in your ads, messages in your article marketing, email marketing and other promotional materials. Maintaining consistency will avoid lost conversions due to confusion or mixed messaging. Tying landing page text to keywords will also help you in the long run with position in Google and other search engines.


If the message is compelling and well-composed, speaks to the target market, and establishes the unique value propositions for your product or service, you will have a captive audience and your email lists will grow. All things working together at 110% will produce results.


Does it sound complicated? You’ll also want to watch your Playable Ads results carefully on a monthly basis and adjust headlines, value propositions and body copy to determine the effect on your conversions. It will take learning and over time you’ll find a formula that works for you. In addition, you’ll have to purchase and manage your domain names, set up with a good web hosting company and be able to tweak your pages, or pay a web designer to do it.


Here’s some free advice that will help you generate online Multi-level Marketing Leads from capture pages on day 1, day 2 and day 3, rather than month 3, month 4 and month 5. A group of the best have joined forces to offer turnkey sales and marketing systems for network marketers. If you’re new to online network marketing, then software like My Lead System Pro can have you up and running in no time.


Personalized website capture pages are templated and easy to set up for subscribers to use to grow their own membership. The pages are proven to work, and are inexpensively hosted by My Lead System Pro, so that you won’t need to worry about hiring a web host or finding a website programmer. Still sound hard? It shouldn’t now. With proven technology and solid Network Marketing mentor you can be up and running in 24 hours.




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